Saturday, January 8, 2011

Windows 7 Requiremnts

Windows 7 Requirements:

System requirements for the Windows 7 is as under;

Processor 1.7Ghz

Ram 1GB

Video Card 256Mb

Windows 7 Drivers Installation Guide:

If your computer can run windows Vista but no finds driver for windows7, then no need to worry, because here i tell you a unique and easy way for its driver installation and you can enjoy the latest windows by microsoft.

First of all download a software (Driver Max) which is free, link is given as under;

download it and follow the instructions step by step,

1- Install windows Vista 32-bit operating system

2- Install Driver Max Softawre

3- Create System Driver Backup using Driver backup utility on any drive other than operating system device (for example d:/ or e:/)

4- Install Windows 7 using DVD (Clean and fresh install, dont update Vista into Windows7)

5- Install Driver Max again into Windows 7

6- Restore Your Driver Backup using restore driver utility (use location where previously you have saved the backup)

7- Enjoy the latest windows by Microsoft.