Saturday, April 30, 2011

iPad 2 by Apple (A Review)

April was a month of excitement for Apple fans when Apple launched the iPad2. While most people had some difficultly finding an iPad2 at first, it isn’t too hard to find anymore; just check your local Toys R Us!
No matter where you get your iPad2, you will see some new features and a number of changes from the first generation of the iPad. The operating system matches what is currently on the iPad1, but there are new apps which all run a lot faster.
I was a fan when the first iPad came out, and I’m even more of a fan of iPad2!

iPad Colors

The very first noticeable difference is the ability to have a white iPad2. All sizes of iPads are now available in both black and white. This comes from a high demand for the white iPhone from longtime iPhone users.


With the first generation iPad, it was lighter than a laptop or a notebook, but still did carry some weight behind it. The iPad2 is much lighter than the original iPad. For iPads that just have wireless, the old weight was 680 grams and it has dropped 79 grams in weight down to 601 grams. The 3g and wireless iPads dropped from 730 grams to approximately 610 grams.
Weight may not seem like a big deal but it makes a large difference when carrying and holding the iPad.
“It’s so much easier to hold,” says Scott Sawaya from the Golden Tech Business Development department.
The lighter weight makes the iPad2 a lot thinner than the iPad1.


Apple wouldn’t release a new product unless they could say it’s faster. The new iPad definitely can claim that it is a lot faster. Not only does it scroll from screen to screen faster, but it opens and closes programs a lot faster as well. We tested this here at GT with an iPad1, iPad2 and an HTC Evo by opening up Angry Birds; iPad 2 was by far the fastest.


If you know me, you know I have a love of photography. I mentioned in my iPad1 review that I loved the SmugMug app to have access to my photos in a heartbeat. iPad2 has exactly what I thought iPad1 was missing-a camera! Not only does it have one camera, it has TWO!
The quality of the camera is far from the greatest. The images are grainy and only look good on a small screen, nonetheless it’s a camera.
Although I would prefer a regular camera any day, having the camera on the iPad has allowed me to take quick snapshots for DailyBooth, snapshots of things I need to quickly send to a friend, or just simply have a way of taking pictures that in the long run I won’t care about. It’s a VERY easy interface that even a 22 month old can use. (Don’t worry, this has been tested.)
The other bonus of having a camera is the ability to use the FaceTime application and chat with other iPad users and iPhone users. This has been one of the main programs I’ve used since starting to use my iPad2.

Magnetic Cover

Another cool new feature of the iPad is the magnetic strip built into the side of the iPad. Apple developed a new cover that will attach to the magnetic strip. The cover doubles as a stand and allows you to prop your iPad up in various ways to watch and use the screen. The cover is available at an additional cost but comes in a variety of colors and textures.
I love the iPad2 and I’ve found myself using it daily for a variety of things. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone looking to get a tablet.