Thursday, March 1, 2012

Games in Windows 8

Good old Solitaire

A puzzle game where you have to connect dots of the same color on a grid. The basic 5×5 grid levels get repetitive fairly fast. You can switch larger grids instead which makes the game somewhat more challenging and fun to play.
Cut The Rope
The objective of the game is to maneuver candy into the mouth of Om Nom. The candy is connected to ropes which need to be cut in the right order to collect all the stars in the level and feed Om Nom. The game is best played with a mouse or touch screen, and not with a laptop’s touchpad.

A flipsaw puzzle game. Can be played with both the mouse or on a touch screen.

Hive Mind
In this puzzle game, you have to fill the letters of the so called hive word into cells on the screen. The hive has seven “flowers” which all need to be filled with the seven letters of the hive word. The game offers clues that help you place the letters correctly on the screen.

Jazz Trump’s Journey
A jump and run, and music adventure mix with nice ideas and great presentation.

A set of games including Memo and a painting game. Looks to be suitable for smaller children as well.

Pew Pew
An arcade style game where you control your space ship with a stick on the right side. It is again best placed on touch devices, as it is rather difficulty to control with the mouse or a touchpad.

Pirates Love Daisies
A pirate themed Tower Defense game.

Puzzle Touch
A puzzle game that is best played on touch screens.

Train Titans
A train game. Nowhere near as complex as Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon but still a fun game. It comes with a puzzles mode in which you have to connect cities of the same color with each other, and single player mode that you can start playing after completing the first five puzzles that act as an introduction.

It is a massively multiplayer word finding game where you compete against everyone else in a quest to become the champion. Best played with a touch screen. It is playable with the mouse as well.