Friday, July 20, 2012

Veena- Hosting Ramadan Transmission?

Dispelled it as a joke, blinked out every sms, laughed at my sisters’ insanity, until finally today, I saw Veena’s Ramadan promo on a local channel myself.

Main hoon Veena Malik. Main pooray Ramadan main karoon gi aapke saath, apnay aur aapke gunaahoon ka astaghfar (subdued tone)

Its resonance-more than that of a bomb shell, a shock worse than seeing a zombie walking on streets. Enough of the drama I know. But seriously? I understand, Veena may have a lot to apologize, but a few days back she was screaming out loud that she has done nothing she has an aota of regret on. Then that subdued tone, wet with regret…what was that all about?

I don’t want to go on about Veena’s alleged immorality, about her FHM nude shoot, looking at which she remarks, ‘look at it, isn’t it just beautiful?’, what I’m concerned with is the moral state of us as a nation. I’m sure, with Veena Malik doing a Ramadan transmission; the channel is going to be a hit! What more can a local channel need for ratings, some celebrity that stands as a sheer contrast to a religious idea, and people will be glued to the screen to either enjoy the absolute hilarity, or something I really cant understand.

Thank God, Mallika Sherawat hasn’t been seeing wrapping a chadar around pleading Lord to purge her sins in Ramadan transmission, or isn’t giving an interview on ‘Decency in Films’. But if it’s done, it sure will be the biggest selling point of the show.

I’m amazed. Truly amazed. Why is that each time a person is passed for a hypocrite, a fraud, next day he’s the one Hero people would be wooing for. A few days back, I  wrote a blog that presented one side of the coin, while the other obvious was already much discussed on all forums, we faced a lot of criticism from left, right and center. If you had looked at the comments, you must have noticed the open dislike for the person in question, but wait a second, glance over the rating charts, and the truth out loud would be that Oh this man is an unimaginably popular  television persona!

Isn’t it true that television or in general media makes people see what they want to see, and if rating for Veena Malik’s program go ramping up the hill, why not her then?  My question is, why curse people who you label as  ‘bad guys’ and yet chose to watch them. And if you like to watch them, why curse them then?. If you find Maya Khan or Veena Malik attractive enough to hook to the screens for, own your choice  and kindly don’t curse the poor souls. It’s about time we stop being hypocrites.