Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pakistan-India War 2011

Pakistan and India both are the greatest and nuclear powers of Asia, also the both nations are greatest power in the Cricket, as they both proved it by beating Australia (World Champion) in the World cup event after 12years.

Pakistan has won its quarter final match against West Indies by 10 Wickets and target the score in just 21 overs. Pakistani Eagles has lost only one match throughout the tournament, otherwise their performance is remarkable, specially win from Australian team and West indies team.

Although India also qualified for semifinal against Pakistan scheduled on 30-03-2011 at Mohalli, but India has only one match win from a strong side, otherwise he lose or tied his matches against strong side, like the match between England and India was tie.

Now the both neighbor nation will fight their battle in the Cricket ground at Mohalli, and of course the team plays better will wins this match, this match also calls as Mini World Cup final, due to the interest of both nations in this match.

However, any team wins, it should be the win of peace and people of both countries should accept the result of this match heartily and pleasantly, because it is a game.